About us

Supporting your setup and development project


Agence de développement économique de la région havraise

As the economic development agency for the Le Havre region, Le Havre Développement carries out market research, advises and supports companies – VSEs, SMEs/SMIs and groups, other than the retail trade – in their projects for setup, investment and development in Le Havre and its region (Le Havre, Fécamp and Caux Estuaire conurbation).

Helping you find land or premises

  • Sharing the project with the company, defining and analysing requirements
  • Assistance in identifying and searching for a property
  • Locating available land and buildings to match the project
  • Putting the company in contact with the authorities and local estate agents
  • Administrative engineering
  • Assistance in preparing applications for grants and subsidies

CCI RezoTo identify properties and collaborate with partner estate agencies, we work in partnership with CCI Rézo


Other ways we may help

Human resources

  • Assistance with recruitment for setup projects
  • Promoting the region to attract local businesses
  • Welcome and support for newly-arrived staff and their families

Securing funding

  • Seeking funding and compiling application files
  • Administrative engineering
  • Interfacing with the authorities

Networking and identifying potential partners

  • Networking with the local, national and international business environment

More information at www.havre-developpement.com