Easthern Industrial Port Area Field

A site proposed by :
  • site est Pont A29


The site is located in the eastern part of the industrial port area of Le Havre, in a sector dedicated to the industrial-port activity which mainly targets the chemical, petrochemical and logistics fields.

The land is established within the port district under public domain.
Depending on the nature of the project (development surface area, nature of the activity), the implementation of a development project on the plot is subject to environmental authorisation, notably under the environmental code.
This is a authorisation procedure governed by the law on water.
Works to be subjected to environmental assessment and to exemptions from the ban on harming protected species and habitats.


  • Further information :

    The site is bordered by numerous networks serving the companies present in the Industrial-Port Zone:

    - Drinking water (EP)
    - Industrial water (EI)
    - Electricity RTE: NR - contact us
    - Electricity ENEDIS
    - Gas (TSO): NR - consult us
    - Gas (GRDF)
    - Pipelines: NR - consult us
    - Steam
    - Telecom
    - Fibre Telecom
    The site is located close to the chemical and petrochemical centre, which allows us to seek possible synergies between suppliers and users of materials (steam, H2S etc...).

    The site is located in the Light Blue Zone (b) and partially in the Light Red Zone (r) of the Technological Risk Prevention Plan.


  • Total area : 133000 sqm
  • Divisible : yes
    • Surface minimale : 43000 sqm


City : Oudalle

Intercommunity : Le Havre Seine Métropole

Conditions of occupancy


  • Heavyweight access
  • Close to A131-A29 highways
  • Rail junction possible